Something to warm you this winter

Winter treats for the garden

As you cosy up inside this winter it is easy to forget or neglect your garden.  Our outside space can be enjoyed year round and this post celebrates the winter season; giving you inspiration by highlighting a few things that may tempt you outdoors or make you appreciate the outside from in.

Opportunities to spend time out in the garden over the winter months can be limited, however if you have a reason to celebrate why not enjoy a glass of mulled wine or cider in the warmth of an outdoor fire.  Cast Iron brazier available from the RHS.









Encourage wildlife into the garden with these stylish bird feeders.  The design friendly, ceramic bird feeders will attract local birdlife and add an unusual element to your outdoor space.  The small opening means that smaller species of bird benefit as those larger find it difficult to access.












Outdoor hanging string lights can be used in so many ways and make a space look so inviting.  Lighting up your garden can be costly however these lights are a low cost option.  They come with a range of different power supplies included battery, solar panel or plug-in transformer making them highly flexible and easy to use.












Natural light in winter is a wonderful thing, casting long shadows, creating reflections or back lighting .  Carefully situated sculpture or perhaps a tree or multi-stemmed shurb can create drama in the garden.  This David Harber sculptural sphere, constructed from slate, is just beautiful in its own right but even more so when strong natural light comes into play.












I am a big champion of ornamnetal grasses for a number of reasons, in terms of our gardens in Winter Miscanthus sinensis is a winner.  One of the great things about grasses is that they add movement to the garden in even the gentlest of breezes.  At around 1.5-2m in height Miscanthus sinensis is a large grass that will create impact, its fluffy seedheads ideal for catching the light at early morning and dusk.



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