Islington Roof Terraces

  • Roof Terrace Islington with Agave in contemporary pot

Roof terrace to the east and west

The client lives in a stunning penthouse in Angel, North London. Her home boasts two roof terrace and she was keen to have them updated to reflect the interior.  Neither space was particularly inspiring and contained little or no planting.

The roof terrace adjoining the living space features out-sized planters and an arbour structure which provides storage and additional seating as well as framing artwork. The existing decking is stained to give it a more contemporary appearance and the walls are painted a deep blue acting as a foil for the planters. The view from this terrace looks onto the City Road Basin of Regents Canal and so the design aims to leave the view open. The planting is architectural and low maintenance, tropical planting is utilised to combat the drying impact of the wind. The terrace adjoining the kitchen utilises the balustrade railing securing multiple troughs in which herbs can be grown. These troughs also help to mask the view of a dull roof top beyond.

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