Landscape Design Apartment Building – London Docklands

Landscape design for apartment building in London Docklands

This new residential development, by Sond Construction, in London’s Docklands required a landscape design for the adjoining garden and entrance to the building. The building at it’s highest point is an imposing eleven storeys and thus the landscape design was to be bold and structural.

Silver-grey, linear, granite paving leads down the steps and ramp into the garden. Here the paving breaks into an area of granite gravel leading the eye through to the heart of the garden where a second area of gravel creates a calm seating area. Two benches are constructed of gabion baskets and filled with blue brindle bricks to coordinate with the building. A hardwood deck board is used as seating surface. Benches are finished with blocks of sawn, flame textured granite. Lawn and trees surround the seating area creating areas of partial shade. Planting is bold and minimalistic featuring blocks of Yew hedging and evergreen climbers to soften the dominance of the boundary wall. Bulbs provide early seasonal interest while the ornamental Pear trees give both spring flowers and autumn leaf colour.
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