Living Wall, Marylebone London

Much more than just a living wall

Living wall, also known as a green wall installed in a private residence, currently under construction.  Spanning two floors, the Treebox Easiwall system has been used. The wall is viewed through the glass wall, roof and floor of the kitchen and bathroom. The living wall features culinary herbs, with an area of rosemary, chives, thyme and mint within easy reach of the kitchen, allowing you to ‘cut and come again’. The design features a bold planting palette of purples and greens, running in swathes across the wall.  The luxuriously textured foliage of ferns, ornamental grasses and perennials gives the living wall depth and texture.  With the installation covering two floors the planting has been carefully designed to thrive in varying light levels. At basement level, lush, shade loving ferns and perennials are planted.  Positioned at ground level are grasses, edible herbs and perennials that require partial sun.

The planting is almost entirely formed of evergreen species to maintain the appearance of the green wall throughout the year.  Two dominant plants are Heuchera villosa ‘Palace Purple’ which has rich plum, purple foliage and a fantastic display of airy white flowers from June to August  The second, Liriope muscari, has strappy green foliage and vibrant purple flowers later in the season from August to November.  Plants have been selected that will provide seasonal highlights giving the living wall a flush of flowers or coloured foliage at different times of the year.  Finally a special show of winter bulbs appear in late Winter with the emergence of Snowdrops..

Maintenance is low with this wall due to the species chosen.  A wifi connected irrigation timer reliably controls and monitors the watering and feeding of the living wall and can be controlled from a phone application.

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Living Wall London
Living Wall London