Planting Design – Canonbury

  • Spring planting Canonbury including alliums and iris

Spring planting design in Canonbury

The client’s had two established beds she wanted to re-invigorate to give impact in Spring.  Although a keen gardener a fresh pair of eyes were required to re-design the planting.

The planting design focused on two large central beds.  Colour was injected by use of Allium bulbs which contrasted with the client’s favourite species of Iris. Geraniums were used to extend the season of interest, benefiting from a second flush of flowers after receiving the ‘chelsea chop’. The second bed also contained a number of Alliums creating a drift that journeyed from one bed to the next. The climber Humulus lupus (Hops) was planted and trained up the existing trellis.  A fast-growing climber it soon covers a support and creates real impact as well as a backdrop for other planting.  

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