During the on-site garden design consultation we'll arrive at a thorough brief.  We'll begin by discussing your ideas and desires for the garden; exploring and identifying functions and uses alongside preferred style and taste.  We'll discuss a number of options you may not have thought of whilst bearing in mind contextual factors such as views of neighbouring property or land, soil conditions, aspect and climate or existing features. Budget is also of course an important factor to discuss in this initial consultation as this will dictate what is and isn't possible.  

We will follow this by looking at a range of landscaping materials and structures and complimentary planting palettes. The session will allow you to perhaps view your garden through new eyes, to consider it in a different light, and hopefully become inspired by the unique design possibilities. Alternatively you may have a strong vision that simply needs development.

Garden design consultations take between 60-90 minutes depending on the relative size or complexity of the project.


Considering budget

In explaining the budget necessary to create a garden, a helpful analogy is comparison to the installation of a new kitchen.  Say a low-mid-range cost of a kitchen starts at around £5,000.  Compared to a garden build the materials are not for external use, labour involved is relatively low, and usually involves two people, materials arrive in one delivery, don’t need to be moved far/relatively lightweight and are not weather resistant.  Additionally there aren't any weather conditions to factor in, foundation materials or disposal of much refuse.  A reasonable starting budget is around £10,000 for a small garden, bear in mind this could include elements such as, fencing, surfacing and raised beds, planting, as well as paraphernalia such as planters, barbecues, parasols etc.  For further information on garden budgets please click here.