Wildlife Garden – Bedminster

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Wildlife garden for all creatures great and small

The client has a south facing garden in Bedminster, Bristol.  A design was required to overhaul the space and create a wildlife garden.  An area of bark chip accommodating a swing dominated the space, encroaching on the rest of the garden.  As a result, other areas of the garden for relaxation or planting became marginalised.  The design looked to retain an element of play and intrigue for the client’s growing son, while redefining the space to allow areas for seating and planting.  A high priority for the planting was to encourage wildlife and create a more intimate feel within what was, an open garden.  The focal point of the garden is an oak pergola that sits to the rear of the garden.  A swing is attached to the pergola making it beautiful and functional.  The detachable swing does not detract from the design and can be easily removed if not required. It also acts as a nice spot for an adult to sit.  The need for storage is addressed through a hinged storage bench seat which sits next to the pergola.  This bench is fully waterproof and large enough to accommodate day-to-day paraphernalia and provide seating.  An existing, mature Cordyline appears to grow up through the pergola structure connecting it to the new garden landscape.  Hard landscaping of new clay pavers compliment the Victorian period house and create a winding path that leads through the planting to either side.  A paved circle gives room to sit, relax and dine, and again is enclosed by planting.  While planting is low maintenance, it is also highly wildlife friendly, and ever changing throughout the seasons.  Next to the house sits a green-roofed bin store, clad in timber, it provides an attractive and useful store for unsightly bin and recycling boxes.         
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