Country Garden – Wiltshire

Country garden set within cob walls

A stunning cob walled garden in Wiltshire.  The garden of course had some beautiful features in the form of existing Magnolias, mature beech and undulating box hedging, not to mention the beautiful thatch roofed cob walls.  The centre of the walled garden however was in the most part laid to lawn.  Without places to relax and enjoy the grandeur.  The existing driveway was functional and therefore we focused on the central area of the walled garden.

countryside garden with ornamental planting
Flowering plants in country garden

Working with the existing mature trees and hedging we created a space with focal points, areas to relax and stunning borders.  A Yorkstone paving path leads the eye into the garden. We widened an existing beech hedge to give a better sightline through the garden. Passing through the beech hedge you find yourself in a seating area hidden from the house. Self binding gravel creates a naturalistic feel. A long border along one side brimming with planting for summer impact. The border is punctuated with specimen flowering, multi stem dogwood trees.

A series of planting beds cut across the width of the garden. these beds introduce height and interest into the centre of the space. They are bordered with retaining steel edging that ties in with the agricultural property.


winding path through woodland planting in country garden
Multistem tree in country garden
Ornamental planing including grasses and evergreen shrubs

The staddle stones already on site became sculptural features.  We positioned them within planting beds and the lawn to act as focal points or punctuation to each space.

Evergreen yew topiary were planted in the beds directly in front of the pale lime render walls to create a striking contrast.  Beautiful multistem cherry trees would extend the season of interest throughout the year. As well as being sculptural in form, they are loaded with blossom in spring. These trees were positioned in sight from the house for maximum enjoyment in the months less likely to be spent further into the garden.

Planting bed in country garden Wiltshire
Woodland planting