1. Consultation

At the initial on-site consultation Claire will explore the space, its challenges and potential. Discuss and understand your desires for the garden. Budget will be discussed – please see below for more information. A thorough client brief will be drawn from this visit.

2. Site Survey

A site survey of your garden will be conducted. Measuring and photographing to record in detail existing features, trees and buildings, levels & soil as well as analysing character and atmosphere.

For larger gardens a land surveyor may be required.

3. Concept Plan

The concept plan is developed and presented to you.  CAD generated drawings for clarity including perspectives, material samples as well as plans and elevations.  This stage is the most opportune to ensure all elements of the design are on brief and make any changes if necessary.  

5. Masterplan

Once the concept plan has been approved a set of detailed drawings are produced from which the landscape contractor can accurately use to quote and build the garden.

Setting out plans, elevations, construction drawings and specification, along with planting & lighting plans are drawn-up. Planning applications can also be submitted.

6. Build

We have a strong relationship with preferred contractors due to their high standard of workmanship and experience. The build is monitored with timely on-site visits to ensure the garden is built to the specification.  We advise against using trades other than landscape contractors to build your garden. They can be unfamiliar with landscape construction practices and this can lead to poor construction and further down the line.


If you are unfamiliar with landscaping costs, a helpful analogy is comparison to a kitchen installation.  A low-mid-range kitchen starts at around £5,000.  Compared to a garden build materials are not for external use, labour relatively low, materials arrive in fewer deliveries, don’t need to be moved far/relatively lightweight and are not weather resistant.  Additionally there aren’t any weather conditions to factor in, foundation materials or disposal of excavations/waste.

Small gardens tend to fall in the region of £20-30,000, larger spaces or spaces more heavily constructed £25,000-£50,000. Large gardens upwards of £50,000.