Hillside Garden – Long Ashton

Oak pergola in Hillside garden

Hillside garden with a view & Outdoor kitchen in Long Ashton

The home was situated on a fantastic plot with extensive views across Somerset.  The hillside garden didn’t live up to the house built in beautiful pennant stone.  Although quite a sizeable garden the space wasn’t being best utilised.  The owners wanted to be able to relax and take in the views, entertain with use of an outdoor kitchen area, and also cater to the dogs needs too.

Outdoor furniture in a hillside garden
Outdoor dining table and benches
Outdoor dining beneath pergola in hillside garden

A balustrade had to be retained so we replaced the existing one with oak with stainless steel rope infill.  As the garden is wide and shallow this makes a big impact.  Paving was replaced with a mixture of a soft grey limestone combined with a clay paver in grey and black hues.  This works well with the pennant stone of the house while also breaking up the space visually to create interest.  Two oak decks were installed to define the lounge and dining areas.

Outdoor kitchen
Evergreen climber
Outdoor table and benches

The wider area in the garden really comes into its own with the new design.  An oak pergola attached to the house spans the space and an informal outdoor kitchen creates a worktop and storage area for barbecuing paraphernalia.  Due to this being a hillside garden planting was carefully selected to weather the more exposed aspect. Ornamental grasses and flowering perennials will soften and envelop the space while being robust enough to cope with the winds.

Outdoor kitchen
Clay pavers


Steel Rope S3i

Clay pavers London Stone

Limestone paving London Stone

Paint Farrow & ball

Pots Iota