Family Garden – Thornbury

family garden featuring pergola

A family garden with hidden hangout & spacious pergola in Thornbury

This garden was designed to suit all the family’s needs.  We created a nook behind the garage wall for the children. Here a hanging chair is suspended from a timber arch. Beans are grown up the post and a second built-in bench provides another seated spot for little ones.  In addition, other edibles in the form of blueberry bushes and raspberry canes are planted in the adjacent border.

To aid privacy the siting of existing and new trees to plant were reviewed in depth.  We re-planted the existing birch in a better position, while also siting a mulit-stem Tibetan Cherry within the lawn as well as an additional ornamental tree in the border lining the rear fence. The trees feature ornamental bark to extend the season of interest. In addition to these trees a fan trained Morello cherry was planted and trained against the garage wall.

clay pavers
Pergola and seating area in family garden
Pergola and dining area

Limestone paving was installed adjoinig the house. This combines beautifully with a band of clay pavers that runs across the width of the garden. It is interspersed with planting beds to be enjoyed from the internal living spaces.  Vibrant perennials and grasses take full effect in the summer months.  A pergola spans the width of a spacious terrace for dining and lounging.  Wisteria will make its way up and across the posts and supporting stainless steel wires. This acts as a decortive feature while also offering dappled shade from the sun. The pergola was painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Downpipe’

Stainless steel tension wires were installed to blur the boundaries. Evergreen climbing plants are supported across the fencing. Sun-loving, evergreen shrubs and perennnials were carefully selected to add height and again blur boundaries. Lastly, spike spot lights were installed in the beds around the pergola to create low level atmospheric lighting in the evenings.

limestone and clay paver paving
limestone and clay paver paving